At the Moment

I’m a seed investor in 25+ great companies including AngelList, Bodyport, Double Robotics, Leap Motion, UMake, zPredicta, Noom, Mashgin, Shyp, Shift Labs and Spire.

I’ve served as a Board and Advisory Board Member, and I sometimes consult in product strategy and design.

Once Upon a Time

I worked for Google in product management and design, led an Android team in Nexus One ecommerce and logistics, designed new identity and monetization tools for YouTube, redesigned Google Earth, and led the UX team which produced Sketchup, StreetView and My Maps. While at Cisco, I contributed to 40+ network & device management tools and was privileged to learn my craft on-the-job at Netscape. I hold patents in mapping, navigation and monetization.

Contact & Pitches

I review pitches at 500 Startups, Y-Combinator, AngelPad, Alchemist and a handful of other demo days. I no longer review or respond to blind pitches. I only provide investor introductions when I have invested myself.

If I’ve worked with you personally and you’d like to be connected to a startup, please ask. Happy to connect good people to good people.

From the Blog

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